The Legacy

After a long and satisfactory work-life – it is time to reap the harvest. A post-retirement life is a fresh beginning after the end of an era. It is time for you to travel, learn a new hobby, serve the society, explore ways to reduce your carbon footprints and ensure the legacy continues to grow.
However, it is of utmost importance to plan your cash flows, including any kind of contingency. Whether you have already started your life version 2.0, or are planning to, you should preferably look at putting your life’s savings into investments that will provide you long-term efficiency.

At Ara, we will help you re-imagine the suitable post-retirement investment options to maintain a steady income that can match the inflation and be tax efficient. We strongly believe that this is the phase, where money should be the last thing to worry about. And we are here to help you do exactly that so that you spend your quality time with family and cherish doing things which you always waited for till now. It is the time for you to enjoy the perfect balance between Family, Health, and Wealth.

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